About PJ’s

The Story of Parson Jack

Parson Jack and his little dog Mango were legends in the low-country way back in the 19th century. The saga that was passed down through generations of coastal Carolinians went something like this…

trading-ship-smSometime around the mid 1800’s a trading ship named the HMS Morgan was caught in a severe summer storme off the coast of Charleston. The loan surviror was the beloved parson on board, Parson Jack. As the story goes, Parson Jack awoke on a beach not far from here bying tended to by a small black and white dog. This little pup would bring Parson Jack morsels of foods and such that he would track down on the beach and the nearby woods. Parson Jack was amazed at how fast this little dog scampered up and down the beach chasing crabs and shore birds. He’d say to himself “MAN, look at that little dog GO”. Eventually, it was shortened to just ‘Mango’ and they became the best of friends. Parson Jack was best known for his fire and brimstone sermons to the local folks of the low-country. inhabitants-npc-crabHe would go on for hours on the virtues of being good and the peril of being evil. Mango became an integral part of his sermons. You see, as much as Parson Jack loved his little dog, he swore that it was the most mischievous creature on the planet. He had not one article of clothing that didn’t show of Mango’s sprite-like nature and you’d best not leave your dinner plate unattended. Folks would come from miles around just to see Parson Jack and Mango and listen to his powerful orations.

Here at Parson Jack’s Cafe of Goods and Evils we’ve carried on the theme of the good parson and his beloved pup’s popularity. Our menu has something for everyone. If you feel like being good, we’ve got it! If not, well we’ve got that too! ENJOY!

Gourmet dog food for your pooch is available upon request. Compliments of All Is Well (Three doors down from us).

All of the money placed on the ceiling will be donated once a year to local accredited pet-friendly charities.

About the Artist

What began as a friend commissioning a painting of a local dog park, was soon to become a full time occupation. Kevin donates his art annually to local pet shelters and proudly exhibits his at at Parson Jack’s Cafe. His style is both representational and a little whimsical. Using strong colors and 3D canvases, he captures the unique personality of each subject.

Kevin W. Rockwell can be contacted through his website:
Rockwell Arts